The Pros of School Uniforms

School administrators find that there are both pros and cons in enforcing school uniforms.  Educators are faced with the difficult assignment of setting a dress code.  They want to ensure that the uniforms provide adequate coverage for the young women and are void of vulgar language, or gang affiliation.  School uniforms were initially implemented to bring about change in the schools.  Students have begun to become more delinquent in behavior and administrators believe it begins with given the student s too much control.  As educator and parents, it is understood that their sole purpose is to steer children in the right direction however when students are given too many options they tend to repeatedly make the wrong choices.

An example of how school uniforms are a necessity for school age children is the amount of students that come to school dress inappropriately and depict a negative image.  The pros of school uniform teach students about self-respect.  Many young female students come to school in attire that is considered risqué.  Clothing articles such as strapless, halter, and midriff tops combined with skirts that entirely too short and tight are just a few.  Also, administrators feel the clothing with unfitting emblem can send across a negative message.  For example, shirt containing slogans for alcohol, drugs and tobacco are not an image they wish for their students to display as if they were walking advertisements.  Administrators feel it is far easier to enforce a school policy then detail all the items they deem in appropriate.

Outside of the appearance, there are other pros for enforcing school uniforms.  For instance, students have begun to place too much emphasis on fashion and trends.  The need to be dressed in the latest designer apparel leads to pressure on parents to spend money not in their budget.  No parents wants their child to feel as if they don’t belong and therefore will do whatever they can to ensure their child has no insecurities.  However, this does not teach the students financial responsibility or the meaning of being unique and individuality.  Parents should encourage students to focus more on being ahead of the pack, a leader and less of a follower.

Parents do understand the concern administrators have regarding violence in our school and how it relates to theft of designer items which indicates yet another pro for enforcing a new school dress code policy.  With students all dressed in uniform, there are no pressures of being victimized by those that feel the need to rob another students to get what they want.  School is supposed to be a place where students feel safe and their only concern should be their studies.

There are many that are opposed to the school dress code policy.  However, with the list of pros, people should begin to realize that the school uniform policy is not a punishment.  In fact, school uniforms ensure the safety, security and enhancement of each student in the school system and teach lessons of responsibility, individuality and respect.

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