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  • Is Your Teenage Daughter being bullied?

    Posted on April 10, 2012 by Amy Miller

    Bullying is one of the most troubling experiences that a young girl can face while in school. Many teenage girls become victims of physical, emotional and psychological abuse at the hands of their classmates and it is not unusual for these young women to suffer in silence.

    • At some ages, the need to fit in with classmates is essential. The effects that this can have on a girl can vary. Feelings of alienation can lead to feelings of not being good enough; which in turn may cause emotional withdraw or the teenager may begin to lash out and behave in ways that are out of character. It’s important that attention is paid to sudden changes in behavior. It could be a response to bullying.
    • Girls can be mean. They talk, they gossip and the spread rumors. Rumors, name calling and malicious verbal assaults can cause emotional and psychological distress in a young girl if she isn't equipped to deal with it.
    • It is all too common for friends to fall out. Yet, when a friend is alienated from a group by the others for no reason and made aware of it through the actions of the others in the circle; she is being bullied. She may find herself being left out of regular activities that were usually done as a group. She may also find herself the topic of group gossip, the target of their jokes and tricks, and the object of their teasing and taunting.
    • There are instances when a bully doesn't do her own dirty work. For some reason, they will encourage others to pick on or mistreat the person that they have ill intentions towards. They enlist the aid of others to enforce their brutality on their targets. By encouraging others to bully along with them, they intimidate their victims and feel more powerful in the process.

    Talk to your Child & Be Aware of Bullying
    Having a relationship with your teenage daughter may seem difficult, but it is very important to sustain a healthy relationship with your child. Bullying is real and your daughter could be the target of hatefulness, which could effect her grades, social status, and school participation.

    Of course we also want to put out there that we believe that School Uniforms decreases (Unfortunately not eleminates) bullying at school about what the bullied student may be wearing.

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