Students against School Uniforms

Students have countless reasons why they are against school uniforms.  School administrators believe that the addition of a school dress code will reduce numerous issues plaguing the public school system.  However, students argue that school uniforms would add to the rising problems as uniforms make them feel unattractive and can be damaging to their self-image.  Students also feel that school uniforms interfere with the rights for self-expression and do not prevent violence or bullying.  Still school administrators stand strong to their beliefs and continue to institute a uniform policy.  Educators are convinced that since the addition of their school uniform policy violence in the schools has decreased.

One of the top reasons for students being against school uniform is their need for individual expression.  Students feel that while they are in school, they are to learn how to express themselves.  The students feel that the can best demonstrate who they are is through their wardrobe choices.  Students argue that when every student is forced to dress alike, they lose their independence.  Freedom to choose how they represent themself through their clothing is for the most part the first sign of individuality.   Teachers appreciate the restrictions of the student’s individual appearance, because students at times students dress inappropriately and focus too much on fashion and the need to be a part of the crowd.

Some students and their parents stand united against the inclusion of a school dress policy.  Most schools claim that school uniforms are less expensive for parents; however, most parents see school uniforms as an additional expense in their already tight budget.  Parents generally feel that school uniforms mean they now have to purchase two types of clothing generally mean an additional cost for parents, who now have to purchase different types of clothing for the students to wear in and out of school.  Furthermore, parents feel finding uniforms with specific requirements is also an added hassle.  However, most schools work with some uniform providers to offer special discount to their parents and ease the task of having to scour department stores and websites searching for specific uniform items.

Students and parents insist that school uniform will not end violence and bullying in the school and vowed to remain against the inclusion of a strict dress code policy.  It is also argued that providing school uniforms will not end dress code violations.  Just for the sake of being rebellious, students will continue to find ways to wear a uniform incorrectly.  Some may choose to wear their shirts un-tucked and unbuttoned which are considered dress code violations.  Part of being creative is finding ways to enhance their clothing with embellishments and accessorizes which may also be considered violations. Yet, educators are relentless in their efforts to return order to the school systems and believe that enforcing a school dress code is just the beginning of many changes to come.

Whatever the reasons for implementing school uniforms, students will always remain against the dress code policy.  Parents and students choose not to see the benefits of a unified dress code and will stay in contradiction of the change.

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