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The facts pertaining school uniforms are a topic of debate in the public school systems of the United States and have been for many years. School administrators feel that uniforms reduce distraction and competition among students, while students and parents feel that uniforms inhibit individuality and self-expression. Both sides have good points as to why or why not schools should require the students to wear school uniforms, but one fact is certain; uniforms have gained popularity in recent years. Factually, private schools principally required uniforms, which can be dated as far back as the 16th century in England.  Nowadays, there are many pros and cons in regards to wearing uniforms. It is a fact that both sides need to understand the debate and its effects within our communities.

Some facts about school uniforms that both sides need to understand it that they are cost effective.  Families whose students wear school uniforms spend close to 80 dollars less on school clothing throughout the school year.  Parents believe school uniforms are more costly than regular school clothes which could not be farther from the truth.  Typically, a parent can purchase 5 complete school uniforms at the price they would pay for 2 complete outfits.  Some school even work in cooperation with companies that provide school uniforms to extend a certain discount to the parents. 

Other facts that have been noted since the induction of school uniforms include a decrease in violence in schools and an increase in discipline of students.  The decrease is violence is in part it is less likely for a child to be picked on because they are not in designer jeans or other fashion labeled attire.  Since the focus has been taken off brand names, there have been less incidents of violence reported.  Also, with all students wearing the same attire it is difficult for them to wear gang-affiliated items or gang-related colors.  Students in gangs cannot recognize other students that may be of a rival gang and will result in less violence.  Discipline has increased amongst students as well since the introduction of school uniforms.  Any pressures that may have resulted from fashion and/or gangs have been decreased and students have become more focused on learning.

Although it can be argued that there are twice as many negative effects of school uniforms, the facts suggest that school uniforms are a necessity in regaining order in our school.  Parents complain about the lack of effort and support from the school system but then meet the administrators’ efforts with an opinionated debate about student right to self-expression and creativity.  Educators try to teach students that are many other ways to express themselves and be creative.  For example, students are encourage to explore their natural talents and infuse them with school pride such as students who try out for school teams and Honor programs in specialized areas of study including art, history and music.  School districts will continue to enforce the school uniform dress policy because as the facts already show, students have begun to change for the better.

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