Controversy over School Uniforms

School uniforms have been an issue of debate for many years.  Controversy has sparked over the issue of implementing school dress regulations and to what level are they willing to enforce it.  Originally, the school district decided that instituting a school dress code will be a means to enhance each student’s academic experience, promote academic excellence and stop violence.  However, many do not believe that school uniforms will make students perform any differently.  Students feel as those schools are taking away their freedom of expression.  Students and even some parents do not seem to see the larger picture; to return the focus back to education.

The controversy over school uniforms has invoked mixed feelings by both parents and students.  There are those that do not mind the strict dress code as they are few of the many that believe rules are instilled for the purpose of individual growth and universal order.  The implementation of school uniforms has not been an issue of debut for those students in parochial schools however in public schools it has been frowned upon.  School uniforms should not be the cause for controversy as there are larger problems within the school system such as small graduating classes.  Although schools feel that implementing uniforms will enhance the quality of the students they graduate, their ideals are met with attitude and rebellion in some cases.

 School uniforms should not be a controversial topic.  The dress code policy is strictly to benefit of the student.  Without the added stress of competition and threats of violence, students are able to concentrate on their studies and enjoy being in school.  Fashion in school has been one of the most noted reasons for being bullied or humiliated.  Students whose parents are unable to afford the high priced apparel favored amongst their peers are more likely to be picked on by those who wear these designer fashions.  Students who are bullied will often do poorly in their classes and will begin to skip classes or not attend school completely. On the other hand, some students who are bullied will lash out and fight.  Either way, schools are determined to prove that enforcing a school dress code will eliminate these issues.

School uniforms and the implementation of a school dress policy should not be topics of controversial debate amongst educators, students and parent.  Students are more concerned with the thought of their freedom of expression being stripped away more than their education being robbed from them by the students that make school a stressful environment.  Students should not have to be faced with the malicious taunts of their peers because of the quality of their clothing. Thus, a school dress policy should be enforced to prevent such.   Just like all lessons learned, students and parents will see that the efforts being made by the school system are solely being made in the best interests of the student and their success.  As much as it the responsibility of the parent to make decisions on what is best for their child, it is also the responsibility of the school system in working with the parents to help each child succeed.

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